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Natural White Round 10mm Cultured Edison Pearl Dangle Stud Earrings

$59.40 USD $99 USD
Gorgeous Natural Pure White Round 10mm Cultured Edison Pearl Stud Earrings /Beautiful Fashionable White Cultured Pearl Trend Dangle Earrings

Pearl Type: Genuine Edison Cultured Pearl
Color: Natural White Beautiful Color
Shape: Round / Nearly Round
Pearl Size: Approx. 9.5 - 10mm
Luster: Excellent
Nacre: AAA+ Very thick nacre
Surface: The pearl radiant clean and smooth may with tiny blemishes.
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver 18K gold vermeil
Gemstone: CZ Diamond
Item Weight: Approx. 3.65 grams
Earrings Size: 9.8 x 16mm
Style: Dangle Style

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