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Multi Color Round 4 pcs 5.2 - 8mm Cultured Akoya Pearls Pendant

$135 USD

Birthday Best Gift! Stunning Multi Peacock Green and Purple Brown Color Round Akoya & FW 5.2 - 8mm 4 pcs. Cultured Pearls Vintage Handmade Pendant


Specimen: Genuine Japanese / ChineseFreshwater and Akoya Saltwater Cultured pearl pendant
Shape: Round
Pearl Size: Approx. 5.2mm x 1, 5.3mm x 1, 6.7mm x 1 & 8mm x 1
Luster: Excellent luster
Nacre: Very thick nacre.
Surface: (see images)
Color: Natural 1 pc Purple Brown (FW); 3 pcs peacock black green (Akoya)
Pearl count: 4 pieces
Weight: Approx. 3.58 grams
Materials: Solid 925 Sterling Silver 18k gold plated
Pendant Size: Approx. 13.5 x 34.2mm
Gemstones: CZ Diamond

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