Tahitian Pearl Nec

Huge 4A+ Round 13-18.7mm Multi-Color Tahitian Sea Pearl 16" Strand

$2,850 USD $3,800 USD
Best Gift For Her! Giant 4A+ Round 13 - 18.7mm 28 pcs Natural Multi-Color Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl 16" Strand - 18" Necklace

Pearl Type: Genuine French Polynesia Tahitian South Sea Cultured Round Pearl
Origin: French Polynesia - Tahiti
Color: Natural Multi Peacock Black Gray Green Tones and copper colors.
Shape: Rounded
Pearl Count: 28 pcs
Pearl Size: Approx. 13 - 18.7mm
Luster: Excellent Superb Luster
Nacre: Thicker Nacre
Surface: The pearls are smooth with tiny blemishes (See Images)
Length of Strand: Approx. 16" (approx. 17 - 18" after being knotted in between pearls into a necklace and including clasp.)
If purchase our clasp we can make them into a necklace and hand-knotted for free

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