Gorgeous Multi Chocolate Brown Cultured 12 pcs Pearls 6 - 8" Bangle

$178.50 USD $255 USD
Great for Gift! Fantastic China Edison Cultured Round Multi Purple Lavender, Peach Pink Gold and Chocolate Brown Colors Cultured 12 pcs Pearls 6 - 8" Bangle

Pearl Type: Premium China Edison Freshwater Cultured Pearl
Color: Natural Beautiful Chocolate Brown Multi Colors
Shape: Round
Pearl Count: 12 (2 big and 10 small)
Pearl Size: Approx. 6.5 - 7mm and 10mm
Luster: AAA+ Excellent
Nacre: AAA+ Very thick nacre
Surface: AAA to AAA+ Overall radiant, clean with natural imperfections. (See images).

Solid 925 Sterling Silver 18K gold plated

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