Giant 12 - 15.7mm 30 pcs Philippines South Sea Gold Pearl 16" Strand

$1,280 USD
Superb Giant 12 - 15.7mm 30 pcs Natural Gold Baroque Round Philippines South Sea Cultured Excellent Luster Pearls 16" Strand - 18" Necklace

Type of Pearl: Genuine Premier Philippines South Sea Cultured Pearl
Origin: South Seas
Size: Approx. 12 - 14.5mm
No. of Pearls: 32 pcs
Color: Natural Gold Beautiful Color. (But not rich or deep gold)
Shape: Round / Oval Round / Nearly Round
Nacre: AAA+ Thick
Luster: AAA to AAA+ Excellent
Surface: Smooth skin nearly flawless (See Images)
Length: Approx. 16 inches in standard length, after hand-knotted and added clasp will be in 17.5 - 18 inches.

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