South Sea Pearl Loose

6 pcs. Baroque 55.45 Carats 10 x 14mm South Sea Pale Gold Pearls Loose

$135 USD $225 USD
Specimen:​ ​Genuine Australia South Sea cultured pearls
Shape:​ Special Baroque (1 of a Kind Unique)

Size:​ ​Approx. (6 pcs)

1. 10.2 x 13.5mm
2. 10.0 x 13.3mm
3. 10.1 x 13.7mm
4. 11.3 x 13.3mm
5.10.6 x 13mm
6. 10.3 x 14.9mm

Luster:​ ​Very High Luster
Nacre:​ ​Thicker
Surface:​ ​Smooth skin but with natural imperfections
Color:​ ​Natural pale gold beautiful color
Weight:​ ​Approx. 55.45 Carats
Pearl Origin:​ ​South Sea. Guaranteed natural color!!! Pearl has never been treated in any way.
Drill: Cross-Drilled

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